Hi, I'm Ciaran!

Hello everyone. I'm Ciaran, a software developer and technology enthusiast from Belfast. I love to create web and mobile applications using the latest technologies.

What I Do

I'm a software developer with years of commercial experience, the majority of my experience has been in Java and Javascript. I've worked in an abundance of different environments on numerous projects. I always enjoyed building applications including web apps, phone apps and websites using numerous technologiess. Building some applications in my spare time has given me exposure to the new technologies that I'm incredibly passionate about and also provides me with skills I can use in employment. I really enjoy building applications and I love what I do!

The Skills

Client Side

HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Grunt, Bower, AngularJS, Jquery, Javascript, Phonegap, Ionic-Framework, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Karma, Jasmine, JSHint.

Server Side

Java, J2EE development, Web Serices (SOAP and JSON), Gradle, Maven, Ant, Ivy, Spring (security, AOP, rest, mvc, boot, LDAP), Hibernate, Liquibase, Connection Pooling (C3P0), JSP, FTL, Velocity.


Amazon Web Services (SES, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, SNS, S3), Tomcat, Jetty, Putty, Google App Engine, Heroku, GIT, SVN, Security (BCrypt, MD5, Oauth, SHA, CORS).